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Why it’s just great to go to the gym

Why it’s just great to go to the gym

We think that if we could divide the modern day lifestyle into three distinct portions, it would, for the most part, consist of firstly, gorging ourselves incessantly senseless on unhealthy food and drink, next – a sense of wanting to work it off in order to do something about our ‘unhealthiness’, and lastly, doing very little about the second part anyway. As a result, we just go about our lives in an endless cycle of excesses, and by that, if you hadn’t guessed already means food and drink, and lots of it!

Given all this, we thought, we’d give you a couple of nudges in the right direction, hoping to  prompt you to do something like going to the gym, in an effort to stop this endless cycle dead in it’s tracks, well before you do (Accept our apologies, but that’s most definitely true, so we better face up to it). So jump to it, lets!

 Staying in the pink: Well, as must be obvious to you, going to the gym lets you shed that extra baggage, get (back) in shape and feel wonderful while you’re at it. Going to the gym a few times a week can dramatically boost cardiovascular health too, not to mention, help build muscle.

Happy feet for a happier mind: Bet you never thought of thisgoing to the gym helps release endorphins, which can create a natural sense of happiness and euphoria. Besides, doctors now routinely advise patients to go to the gym a few times a week in an effort to keep depression and anxiety levels in check.

 Eat pass: “Put that away, step away from the doughnut! Now!” How many times have sentences of this ilk been directed towards you? We’re glad to say, going to the gym will lessen these instances. Well, we’d be in the wrong if we say that going to the gym will allow you to eat absolutely everything you wanted to. That said, it will combat and balance out excessive eating for the most part. What’s more, it lets often unhealthy, restrictive and oppressive diets die a natural death.

 Routinely routine: As most of us have found out to our own cost, being fit and healthy isn’t something you can just do for sometime in your life and forget all about it for the rest of it. Instead, we all have to work at it, and work out pretty much routinely every week. Going to the gym at a particular time each day, puts you in a routine of sorts, and this routine will magically sort out your health, your lifestyle and your day!

 Kill the stress: For the life of us, it seems increasingly nigh on impossible to dodge or sidestep the dreaded pressure and stress that seems to govern our lives. If we’re being honest, stress is another big contributor to health deterioration, and must be effectively removed as far as possible. Thankfully, going to the gym can help out here as well! Gym sessions can help increase levels of norepinephrine, which in turn helps moderate how the brain reacts to stress. Besides the science behind it, which one of us hasn’t felt relieved, energised, lightened and pumped up after a good go at the gym?

Now, these were just a few in a long line of reasons as to why you should head to the gym, and we do hope we’ve inspired you enough to get off your behind for long enough every day to do the very thing!

Warning! Please note: We strongly suggest that you do consult your doctor or physician before undertaking any kind of physical activity.

 A note about our company: At Gym Consultants India, we are directly involved in the setting up and refurbishing of gyms and fitness centres, as well as all associated activities. Please do get in touch with us if you need any assistance in this regard.

Fitness consultants, worked for multiple big brands in implementing tailor-made solutions to Indian market.

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