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Holistic health: Is it just a myth and hogwash?

Holistic health: Is it just a myth and hogwash?

Especially in our time, where the internet and the huge transfer and availability of theories, ideas and practices is rife, there is always a huge deluge of information on a variety of topics that constantly washes over us. One just needs to log on to the world wide web for proof of this, or even lately, Whatsapp, or more specifically, Whatsapp groups which abound with information, verified or otherwise on all manner of topics.

On similar lines, owing to the once-bitten-twice-shy theory, where people have tried out one or two of the practices being professed and conveyed, and found them to be pure drivel or hogwash, folks are more likely to consequently dismiss all of these theories and ideas out of hand, without first trying them out. Health fads, diets and the like do most definitely form a large part of these theories, and we could easily forgive you for thinking that holistic health and everything surrounding it is just another myth or pure bunkum – however, we’re here to tell you that it simply isn’t.

You too, like so many others, may be tempted to cast holistic health or it’s approach along the wayside like so many other failed theories. Doing so, however, would be wrong, and you, your family and friends will be better served taking it up and embracing it as a new way of life.

So what is holistic health?

Mainstream medicine is more likely to treat the body, while shying away from treating the spirit and the mind, leaving us often lost and going only halfway to the sense of equilibrium that we so long for. That’s why holistic health is the way to go, every time!

Moreover, most of us approach health or fitness in much the same way too. We just treat the body and stop at that. Heck, who can blame us, we’ve been programmed to think that way for so long that it’s almost second nature. The holistic health approach is a huge departure from this theory and is a treatment or method which considers not only the body in isolation, but the mind and the sense of self or spirit as well, in an effort to bring about a comprehensive and complete solution to the troubles that plague us. This approach considers a person as one complete being, comprising of mind, body and soul, and brings about a holistic sense of healing. This can help us achieve a sense of ‘completeness’ and calmness, as well as wholesomeness and harmony.

Significantly also, as a general rule, it is always better to take on a lifestyle, as opposed to fads, trends or the latest far fetched or new fangled ideas. You’d be pleased to learn therefore, that holistic health can be embraced as a lifestyle, and something that you can carry with you, and something that will carry you through all your days.

Given all this, holistic health considers our bodily health, our mental burdens, as well as our overall pressures and stress of the modern day, and helps us achieve a sense of equilibrium. In essence, this method helps you achieve an ideal and fit body, mind and spirit. This new sense can liberate you and unchain you, while giving you a new and renewed sense of self which can help you reach your goals both at work and at play. You will discover that you are now more energetic and empowered with more vigour – ready to take on the day with everything it can throw at you. We therefore, strongly suggest that you try the holistic health approach. We’re convinced that it is most definitely the fitness and health lifestyle that’s right for us, and indeed you!

Fitness consultants, worked for multiple big brands in implementing tailor-made solutions to Indian market.

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