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Hello Fitness Industry – India

We are Gym Consultants India!


Hello there! Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Gym Consultants India (GCI), and we are pleased to meet you, as we sure hope you are to meet us. At GCI, we’re here to help you get started or even bolster your position and establish your brand in the fitness, wellness and gym industry. Now, whether you are an investor or partner in the industry, a gym owner or even a gym or fitness club manager and more, we’re right at hand to energise you, empower you and enable you to hit the very heights in the industry.


Here at GCI, we are a fairly young establishment, bursting with youthful vigour, vivacity and energy that is typical of a brand, and indeed an individual of this age. As also fairly common with people of this age group, we are an ambitious bunch, and are only too eager to supply the benefit of our expertise and the rich experience of our practitioners with everyone. So, we do hope you hop aboard our juggernaut for a truly unmatched and exhilarating experience of a lifetime!


What we do

“So, what do you do?”, we hear you ask. Well, put rather abruptly or succinctly, we are a one-stop-gym-shop. As you would imagine, that includes everything that has to do with helping you enter the fitness industry, or even manage a gym or fitness centre, and we do mean everything! What’s more, we are proud to bring the world’s most innovative and advanced body wellness practices to our fair shores in India.


Think of us as that eager and oh so faithful gym trainer who helps you out right from the first day you hit the gym, pushing you tirelessly, till the day you achieve your fitness goals (you know, that guy!). Except that instead of helping you achieve your fitness goals, we help you successfully set up and manage your own fitness centre or gym – thus enabling you to stand tall, and head and shoulders above the competition.


In a nutshell, we are the “one stop solution for all your gym needs”. Now, if you haven’t taken a look at our website just as yet, please do visit us at https://www.gymconsultantsindia.com/ for more information about us and what we do.


Way forward

At Gym Consultants India, we are driven by a unique hunger, or to give it it’s proper name, a mission, to spread the whiff, or dare we say it, the aroma of good health all across the land. Man, and it’s a calling we don’t take lightly. Heck, just ask our clients!


Our world, and indeed our generation is in desperate need of a wake-a-shake-up call! Our lifestyles, whether at work or at play are extremely unhealthy, and there’s very little we do about it. Sure, we’ve all signed up at the gym that one time, and have even dragged ourselves there for a grand total of four days in the year, before we pat ourselves on the back for the achievement. And hey, which one of us hasn’t tried out a crash diet or that “special miracle food“ that’s going to turn everything on its head, and turn us into healthy beasts in the process? Sadly, as I’m sure you will all nod in agreement, there’s no shortcut to good health (you can stop looking, we’ve checked and there isn’t).


Therefore, we want to spread the message that good health isn’t something that can be bought over the counter or achieved overnight. In truth, it’s something that needs to be worked on every day of our lives. What’s more, why not make staying healthy and keeping fit an integral and essential part of your day, every day?


Furthermore, since we cannot make folks head to the gym ourselves, we hope to do the next best thing, which is, set up and make gyms, fitness centres and clubs more easily accessible, fun and integral to lifestyles and people that they readily embrace it, and eagerly come back for more. We do hope you will join us in this mission! Meanwhile, keep the dial locked on full, and locked on here for more fabulous stuff from Gym Consultants India!








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