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Eating habits to carry with you all life long

Eating habits to carry with you all life long

It should come as little surprise to you that exercising and working out at your fitness centre can indeed go a long way in helping you achieve peak fitness. What’s more, sustained and regular visits to the fitness centre will help boost your energy levels too, ensuring that you go all the way, every day. That said, your eating habits have a key part to play in the maintenance of your overall health as well, and when combined with an active lifestyle, can truly work wonders.

So here are some eating habits to keep in your noggin as you go about the everyday hustle and bustle of it all – they can help you emerge triumphantly from all that life throws at you!

  1. No distractions while you eat: Turns out what they said was right all along – eating in front of the idiot box can indeed help you pile on those undesirable pounds. The same also holds true with being glued to your mobile phone, tablet or laptop while you get on with your meal. It’s no myth, no siree! In fact, it’s all to do with the distractions drowning out all the signals that the brain sends us telling us that we’ve indeed eaten enough or too much. End result- we end up overeating. Besides, less distractions lets you really enjoy what you eat.
  2. Food is no crutch: Yep food’s no crutch, so let’s stop referring to it as ‘comfort food’ or indeed ‘reward food’. Now more than ever in society, we see a deep connection between emotions (euphoria or disappointment and so forth) and food. This can have disastrous consequences, as we are essentially replacing real feelings and emotions with calories, and this cannot end well at all!
  3. Cook it up: The daily grind gets to each of us, and none of us are immune to its far reaching effects. Now, this also has a huge impact on what we eat, and increasingly owing to a lack of time, we tend to shovel in whatever is convenient and most likely unhealthy. This includes, preserved foods, fast food, and food at restaurants, stalls and the like. As you would imagine, this situation can be drastically improved upon if we set aside some time to cook our own meals regularly. This ensures that we spend some time planning meals, which will magically result in a more balanced diet. That aside, we can pick and choose quality ingredients, which gives our health the helping hand that it needs. What’s more, it can help us respect our food more, and lets us pay more attention to what we put in our breadbaskets.
  4. Less cals from drinks: Let’s let you in on a secret, drinks generally don’t contain healthy fats and fibers. Now, these things are essential to our overall diets as they can keep us satiated and fuller for longer. As a result, we end up drinking more calorie filled drinks in an effort to feel full. As you’d have guessed by now, solid food generally on the other hand does contain these fats and fibers. What’s more, chewing your food helps keep a better handle on how full you feel, something that drinking in your calories does not allow. If you must drink something regularly, choose a thick shake over a thin drink like a soft drink, for instance.

So there you have it, these are some simple things that we hope you will include into your daily routine. These measures will help you stay lighter, fitter, healthier, and will tie in perfectly with your workout regime at the fitness centre.

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